Harness the power of TransUnion Direct Hit and watch your sales explode!

Generate 100’s of “ACTIVE” customer requests every month without having to discount vehicles or give away gift cards and gifts to complete a sale

Take the stigma out of the car buying process by providing the customer with their instant free actual current credit score, rates, term, payment amount and borrowing limit (customized using your current bank requirements) all while bringing them onto your showroom floor and all without asking for their Social Security number.

Compete with the new online car buying options to offer a transparent hassle free car buying experience that many of today’s buyers are looking for.

Score and pre-qualify all of your leads regardless of if it comes from a 3rd party lead source, your current advertising efforts, or are generated from TU Direct Hit.

Provides real-time accurate credit mining using real-time credit profiles and pre-qualified lending offers.

We use AI technologies to communicate with the customer through email, text, and voicemail with messages based on the customers current score and credit situation. Including offering “Lower Your Rate/Payment” offers based on their current vehicle loan term.

Active Customer Leads include

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Email Address
  • Current Credit Score
  • Current Auto Loan/Lease 
  • Original Loan Balance
  • Current Balance
  • Loan/Lease Term
  • Loan/Lease Months Remaining
  • Current Monthly Payment
  • Current APR
  • Cosigner (Y/N)
  • Current Revolving Credit Available
  • Late Payments on their Loans
  • Number of Inquiries in the last 30 days
  • Pre-Qualification Information (based on your current lender’s requirements)

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