Service Conquest Marketing

World Advertising and Marketing’s Automotive Service Extender is an outgrowth of the same behavioral marketing procedure that has made us a sterling reputation among top dealers in the U.S. in capturing conquest business in sales. Now, we are using the same proprietary data to capture conquest service business for our dealer…in an extremely affordable package.

  • This value priced solution will grow a dealer’s service business by connecting to prospects that you have never done business with before.
  • We will find and connect to people looking for service and we market directly to them with opt-in emails and direct, live phone calls.
  • In this program we utilize both E-mail and Live Phone Call direct marketing.
  • Our proprietary database is key to reaching customers in your area that are looking for communication from local business like yours.
  • One of the things that differentiates us in the Digital Direct Marketing world, is our ability to reach different types of prospects.
  • Our database is constantly refreshed and expanded and reflects actual consumer behavior.

Because our data source is a Microsoft Partner, we have two advantages; #1 access to latest Microsoft applications-our data company is a testing ground for Microsoft – which means a Superior Technology and Standard of Excellence for our clients. #2 it holds us to an optimal data integrity that you’re not going to run into with another marketing company.

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