List Services

For over 25 years, World Advertising & Marketing has been working with our clients to provide the most current and up to date lists available.  We have access to literally thousands of list sources for almost any category or criteria you would want to utilize. Here are just a few of the list companies and sources we use:

  • Credit Bureaus such as Experian and Equifax
  • List Compilers (InfoUSA, R.L.Polk, etc.)
  • Banks and Credit Union lists (Bank of America, etc.)
  • Psychographic and Demographic Profilers (Genalytics)
  • Data Appending, i.e. Phone, Email or SSN Matching (Masterfile)

Most of our time spent in creating an advertising promotion is in researching the list. We want to ensure that the correct audience is targeted. Based on years of experience, we can customize a list to specific demographic or psychographic market. This extra effort is the difference between an ordinary list of names and a powerful selling tool, which will ensure the most effective and efficient use of your advertising dollar.

Available Consumer Lists:

Contact us for Custom Speciality Lists and Pricing or give us a call at 1-800-405-1002.  

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