Automotive Marketing

Automotive direct marketing at one time was a matter of mailing to people who owned certain vehicles with the anticipation that they would buy another similar vehicle at a certain interval (3 to 5 years). Once privacy laws made it difficult to obtain registration data that could be used for direct marketing, those ownership lists became harder and harder to get. And, at the same time, buying patterns became less and less predictable as brand loyalty and intervals of purchasing became more and more blurred. At this point, many of the data companies began using ‘predictor’ models to fashion direct marketing lists for their automotive clients. These too became less and less effective almost as soon as they were introduced.

However, with the advent of the internet and the ability to compile the behaviour of millions of consumers, what was once called ‘self reported data’ became so deep that it could actually follow enough consumers to make it a viable asset for localized marketing.

World Automotive Marketing™ has teamed up with a data compiler that boasts over 160,000,000 consumers on a month to month basis with indicators as to whether any of these people have been looking at vehicles to purchase. Our utilization of this vast resource of behavioral data, along with proprietary algorithms, formulations and opt-in email addresses, has taken a great deal of the guess-work out of direct marketing for Automobile dealers.

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